What’s the Difference Between IPL and Laser Hair Removal

What’s the Difference Between IPL and Laser Hair Removal

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1.which is the best hair removal method at home
2.What is a laser hair removal and how does it work
3.What is an IPL hair removal and how does it work
4.What's the difference and which is better for hair removal, IPL or laser
5.How to choose hair removal devices, IPL or laser

Get your body hair removed or not? Well, if you are still considering about it, then tell me, have you ever heard a hairy beauty? The answer is ‘never’ absolutely! How to find out the right hair removal? Though I am not a perfectionist, removing the hair safely and easily does does no harm. Luckily, modern technology provide us lots of solutions to get rid of your unwanted hair at home easily. The best choice should be made based on the safety, effect, convenience and cost.

which is the best hair removal method at home

Physical methods to remove your unwanted hair such as using a forcep (madisterium) and hair removal knife is an inexpensive and convenient way to remove your hair, but it is not perfect since your new hair will appear quickly and you will find them thicker and harder time after time. Chemical products like hair removal cream or mousse might be another fast way, which truly can remove our hair temporarily, however, also with a nose-pinching smell. So any longer or permanent way to remove your hair without a bad smell? So far, there are two advanced options left - Laser and IPL hair removals. 

Laser and IPL hair removals are innovative photon devices used to help people to take care of the frustrating extra hairs covering their charms. No matter whether you are a lady or gentleman and whichever part of your body you want to be clean and clear, Laser and IPL hair removals are both effective and long-lasting. Both laser and IPL are relatively safe options, leaving no scars on your skin. Many people might have experienced the service by them, but showing a question mark on their faces when asked what these two devices are and how they work exactly.

IPL laser hair removal method

What is a laser hair removal and how does it work?

Laser hair removal is based on the selective photo-thermodynamics. The laser can pass through the surface of skin and reach the hair follicles at the root by reasonably adjusting the pulse width of the wavelength. The absorbed energy will be converted into heat that destroys the hair follicle and lead to hair loss, without damaging surrounding tissue.

Like a gun shooting a circular target, laser hair removal is to use fixed light waves (808, 810nm) aiming at the follicles. When the dense energy reaches the hair follicles, the effect of removing hair is reached. The laser hair removal is suitable for different colors of skin. No matter you are brown or dark skin, the result is quite obvious with little side effect since melanin in hair only absorbs wavelengths of 808 or 810nm.

laser hair removal

What is an IPL hair removal and how does it work?

Intense pulsed light, known as IPL, similarly, it destroys hair follicles with the heat produced by the light energy like laser hair removal, but not exactly the same.

IPL hair removal adopt beams of different wavelengths (500~1200nm) on the skin to remove the hair. As you can imagine, different and not concentrated wavelengths have a wider spectrum, so the IPL hair removal does also act on the hair follicles, but on a wider areas of your skin.

IPL hair removal

What's the difference and which is better for hair removal, IPL or laser?

Semiconductor laser hair removal is a benchmark in the modern world’s hair removal industry. Laser only emits the wavelength that the melanin absorb and won’t do any harm to the other parts. After 3~5 treatments, the hair removal result could be the best and permanent.

It is clinically proven that IPL is not as focused and powerful as laser. But every coin has two sides. Laser hair removal is more suitable for dark skin and the size is always bigger. Meanwhile, the best effect is always achieved in a professional beauty salon or hospital since there are not as many choice of the home use laser hair removal as home use IPL hair removal.

As for IPL hair removal, it has smaller size so that you can use it at home conveniently easily. But it is not suitable for dark skin. After a few more treatments, you won’t be disappointed at the comparing result of IPL hair removal before and after. This emerging painless hair removal technique became a hit in the market and occupied a big share soon. If you want the effect to be lasting or permanent, owning a home permanent hair removal might be a smart choice. Then you can remove your body hair whenever you want.

How to choose hair removal devices, IPL or laser?

Besides, if price is one of the important considerations for you, to be honest, Laser hair removal cost you most. The price would be much more moderate to use an ipl hair removal at home at home than going to a beauty salon time and time again. If you are not in a rush removing the hair instantly, I would strongly recommend a home use IPL hair removal. In addition, IPL hair removal is built-in with a cooling system where it blows constant cool air to the skin where the laser is being processed. So it significantly decreases the pain level.

The following chart provides clear information that enables you to know about the Laser and IPL hair removals in a short time:







500-1200nm, wider spectrum


Work precisely and low diffusion

Wide range of effects and high diffusion

Use frequency

3~5 times, permanent effect

10~24 times


Relatively high



Concentrated and precise energy; little skin side effects

One device can do hair removal and photon-rejuvenation at the same time


High priced,  inconvenient

Unfixed energy, not instant

Applicable parts

Lips, armpit, arm, leg, back, face, private parts

Dazed by tons of ipl laser hair removals in he market? I’ve been there. If you are looking for satisfactory effect while your budget is not high. Here are the recommended permanent IPL hair removals at home for you after my firsthand experience. They can do several projects at the same time, which is more cost-effective with a longer service life.

IPL hair removal

                           Cooling Permanent Hair Removal For Women & Men Painless    

  • Professional IPL innovation for different skin tones, including sensitive skin
  • Auto&manual modes, 5 levels, up to 999,999 flashes
  • Applicable for lips, armpit, arm, leg, back, face, private parts

hair removal machine before and after picture

IPL hair removal result

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